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Management consultants are the sophisticated management intellectuals (must be).

Conflicts, uncontrollability, excessive costs, strong competition, weak market position, ageing structures, info disorder and so on. Organizations find it difficult. They fail. The solution of one problem causes new difficulties.  Consulting integrates science and practice and serves as a mediator between them. Problems of the organization, it is the problems of society.
Management Consulting - one of the forms of effective problem-solving and strategies development, through the dissemination of best practices. 

Practical innovation is always faced with fears, lack of will, lack of understanding, the top managers inconsistency. Time consuming and energy costs for individual work with them are unpredictable, and even endless.The customer gets tired of the reminders and repeated visits to the pain points. In addition, the projects have time to become obsolete. Spoil relations and disappointments. Consultant reputation suffers. 

Another thing - to hand over the project! Spend a few inspirational trainings, two or three promising concluding seminar and coaching sessions. Most people prefer to escape from the problem itself and its solutions and choose the "substitution" - the hope of a universal miracle pill in the form of the above activities which are, in fact, only:
  • psychotherapy (substitution of concepts);
  • complacency;
  • emotional charge;
  • quasi-life. 
Therefore, an experienced consultant in the course of work is always to figure out when to get out of the contract. In order not to get stuck in the customers inertia.
There is only few of us who really cares for the result - the real and the positive changes, which the customer gets!

Kalashnikov solutions - is your expert on holistic development of organizations. We are not only giving the advises, but we implement and support organizational changes.

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