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Organizational Development

Core values of the organization: profit, customer-oriented approach, competitiveness, manageability. 
Core values - it's the values without which the business will disappear.
The purpose of the business: the growth and development of priority customer groups.

Not from any initial state we can achieve the desired future.

Growth is the increase in mass of homogenous elements. 
Development is a change in the elemental composition of the system and its methods of connection.
Development of the organization is bringing in the system the new elements to help achieve maximum customer satisfaction at optimal costs, or achieve the other business goals.

Develop the organization means to build the image of the desired future (VISION), own work rules with the objectives, from the methodology of the company to implement the goals and values in the different fields of activity, to determine the priority customer base.

VISION - this image of the desired future of the organization or person.
Values - such ideas about the vital importance, for which people actually are guided in their activities.

Organization can be successfully developed only as a whole: the market advancement is impossible without changing the organization's quality, and this is not possible without the personal development of the members of the management team (especially the top ones) through training, coaching, if necessary with the change in value orientations, management style, role and much more.

So, what is the development of the organization? To develop the organization is to ensure the growth of key performance indicators and the expansion of the priority groups of customers through the development of intangible assets - that is, improving the quality of the organization by enhancing the intellectual and emotional development of all employees.

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