The opposite of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge.

Activities structure includes three phases:

  • organizational diagnostics;
  • developing solutions;
  • developing implementation processes.

What do we do?
Diagnosis and Situational Analysis , including:
  • evaluation of marketing structure, knowledges and current functions;
  • review of the existing goals, values and objectives of the company;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of management systems, functions, life cycles;
  • analysis of the current structure and its plasticity;
  • assessment of staff - loyalty, 360, motivation etc.;
  • assessment of the financial stability of the company;
  • the audit of sales and points of contact model;
  • audit of business processes;
  • determination of the root problems;
  • analysis of external and internal factors, market trends and the company's position in the market;
  • development, implementation and support of organizational changes;
Plan for rapid-diagnosis (in Russian) is here

For what?
  • development of balanced marketing and management strategies;
  • harmonization of global and local goals of the company;
  • to identify possible points of growth, development and/or optimization.

Your products and results:
  • achievement of business goals;
  • long-term satisfaction of the target audience needs;
  • holistic development of the organization.

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